Minus 5 Ice Lounge Dubai

Coming to Dubai…

A lounge in which everything is made of ice is about to become the hottest destination in the United States; and, the forecast calls for Las Vegas, known for its 100-degree heat, to become a whole
lot cooler — as cold as ice. This September, New Zealand-based Minus 5 Group begins an American ice age when it opens the first permanent ice lounge experience ever in the United States at Mandalay Place, located adjacent to Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Building an ice lounge in the middle of the desert is no easy task, but
with years of knowledge and expertise Minus 5, a world renowned hospitality
group famous for their unparalleled ice lounge creations, the scorching Mojave
Desert is the perfect location to showcase this incredible experience. The
Las Vegas location will be the first of many U.S.-based Minus 5 ice lounges,
with other locations currently in the development stage in New York, Miami,
Hawaii, and Los Angeles.

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